Tuesday, June 9, 2009


_PHT1541-1, originally uploaded by Evgeny Goncharov.


bingkee said...

Hi, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. But you probably didn't read the POST but instead look at the pics. you said you did not get the point of the photos. Sorry, I am not a professional photographer. I shot those photos based on my post that I don't like living in American suburbia. I used to live in New York City, and nothing like those pics come close even on Queens in NYC. I grew up in a city , educated in a city and worked in a city where I don't see a lot of trees, shrubs, woods, and grass. My point is I hate the suburbia with is woods, forest-like atmosphere, grasses and gazillions of trees. That's my point.

You've got very wonderful pics here. Have a nice day.

Jose Sinclair said...

Yes - I only looked at the photos!
America is very ugly as a nation - then we like to tear down the oldest and most interesting architecture in the name of "progress", which then turns out to be a strip mall, or a big Wal-Mart, or a new McDonalds!

The result of capitlism is LOSS of national identity or anything cultural worth keeping.. and a commitment to only profitable enterprises..

even many of our churches are ugly, resembling office buildings or banks

ARGH, let me out of here!! - IF I could sell my house, I'd move to Europe or Asia.. there's NOTHING here that attracts me except the film industry, but I can see those anywhere, including the internet!