Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Initiation à Simbaï

Initiation à Simbaï, originally uploaded by philippe.gigliotti.

Initiation ceremony in Simbai, the hats are covered with hundreds of green beetles heads!
Cérémonie d'initiation des jeunes hommes dans la région de Simbai en Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée. Les "chapeaux" sont couverts de centaines de têtes de scarabés verts !!

Kekeriang Woman

Kekeriang Woman, originally uploaded by kahunapulej.

Goroka Show 2007: one of the largest cultural displays in Papua New Guinea, on the weekend closest to Papua New Guinea's Independence Day (16 September)

Danseurs Kaluli

Danseurs Kaluli, originally uploaded by philippe.gigliotti.

Région du Mont Bosavi.


Bosavibilas-5, originally uploaded by philippe.gigliotti.

Kaluli dancer, Bosavi area, Papua New Guinea

Tribal Conference

Tribal Conference, originally uploaded by One man's perspective.

Tribal Dance, Papua New Guinea

Goroka in full colour

Goroka in full colour, originally uploaded by Tway76.

Goroka show 2008.

A cultural event (if not THE cultural event) in PNG where many tribes and clans boast there colours while singing and dancing. More to follow (but a lot more of selecting for me to do)...and all this almost in my back yard!

The Goroka show (a cultural show where different tribes peform their sing sing (dances and songs) is arguably the largest gathering of indigenous tribes in the world. Over 90 tribes from all over Papua New Guinea -- the world's most culturally diverse nation -- have gathered in Goroka for the annual festival of traditional dance on the Independence Day weekend.


Mourning, originally uploaded by Tway76.

Faces are covered in mud as a sign of mourning,

A Village

A Village, originally uploaded by Tway76.

Somewhere in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea

Papua Niu Guini CD-77

Papua Niu Guini CD-77, originally uploaded by lucastoli.

Papua Niu Guini CD-96

Papua Niu Guini CD-96, originally uploaded by lucastoli.

Papua Niu Guini CD-201

Papua Niu Guini CD-201, originally uploaded by lucastoli.

Roi Namur Island, Kwajalein Atoll 4

20061116130801_-1_-2-PC, originally uploaded by beningh.

Roi Namur Island, Kwajalein Atoll

20061116124551_-1_-2-PC, originally uploaded by beningh.

Emon Beach, Kwajalein

20061105182922-5 t s, originally uploaded by beningh.

Hinagdanan cave

20040625142302, originally uploaded by beningh.

Hinagdanan cave. This only works if the sun is out and bright.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Blue Light

~Blue light~, originally uploaded by T1ger.

Walking with giants

Walking with giants, originally uploaded by T1ger.


Reflections, originally uploaded by jechstra.


Strynsvatnet, originally uploaded by Bergen64.

Eidsvollsbygningen / Constitution Hall (September 2008)

Norge / Norway - Akershus - Romerike - Eidsvoll Verk - Andelva


~Vår~, originally uploaded by T1ger.

Bodø Harbour I

Bodø Harbour I, originally uploaded by oenilsen.

Bodø, Norway.


Bybrua- Trondheim , Norway

Archipelago Scenery 05

Archipelago Scenery 05, originally uploaded by casinetto.

Verdens Ende, Tjøme, Norway

Godrays part II

Godrays part II, originally uploaded by T1ger.

Between Honningsvåg and Nordkapp

20th of July, 2008, Nordkapp, Norway

Bodø by night

Bodø by night, originally uploaded by oenilsen.

Bodø, 2nd largest city in arctic Norway, seen from Ramnflåget.

~Norway Spruce~

~Norway Spruce~, originally uploaded by T1ger.


Harebell, originally uploaded by sverremb.

Harebell in Beiarn, Norway.

God's window

God's window, originally uploaded by sverremb.

Taken from Steigtind, east of Bodø, around midnight.

After the storm

After the storm, originally uploaded by oenilsen.


Saltenfjorden, originally uploaded by mrfjellfant.

Husøy Senja

Husøy Senja, originally uploaded by hjo.


Fishingboat, originally uploaded by sverremb.

The ghosthouse

The ghosthouse, originally uploaded by uberfischer.

reine rhapsody

reine rhapsody, originally uploaded by Reinhard.Pantke.

Aurora Borealis over Ringvassøya

Aurora Borealis over Ringvassøya, originally uploaded by Per I..

HDR treated in Photomatix. Close to how it was experienced.

Husky trip in the Finnmark

Display of northern lights over Karasjok

Weird nature phenomena: Anticrepuscular rays

By sunset the moon became visible, and a light from below horizon spread out all over the sky. Hard to know what this phenomena is caused by, but it has to be an optical illusion set by the sun. The weird thing is, that it came from the eastern sky, as sun went down in the south-west.

Bodø Panorama

Bodø Panorama, originally uploaded by sverremb.

From Breivika. The buildings to the left are actually called Bodø Panorama.

Vadsø church in sunset, EXPLORE

Værøy and Røst from Å

Værøy and Røst from Å, originally uploaded by sveinam.

I took this picture from aout a km or two vest of Å in Lofoten, Norway. Å is a small place and the end point of the E-10 highway . Å is as far out you in Lofoten can go by car and pretty much as far out most tourists go. Walking vest from Å, there is a nice path and a very nice landscape if the weather is nice. It was a bit windy, but I found a very nice place with this nice view towards the islands Værøy and Røst. To go to these islands, you can go by ferry from Moskenes or Bodø. At Røst, there is also a small airport.

The boat launch

The boat launch, originally uploaded by brown-dog.

The bird

The bird, originally uploaded by arctictone.

Sunset over Landegode

Sunset over Landegode, originally uploaded by sverremb.

For the last week we've had nothing but sunny and relatively warm weather in Bodø. The grass and trees have finally taken on their green summer coat, but what I like best about this time of year is the daylight that lasts almost 24 hours a day.

This photo is not photoshoped (except for cropping and straightening). Instead I've used filters to get the vivid colours.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Lofoten Islands

Lofoten is an archipelago and a traditional district in the county of Nordland, Norway. Though lying within the Arctic Circle, the archipelago experiences one of the world's largest elevated temperature anomalies relative to its high latitude. [Wikipedia]

Note: I've been saying these were in Finland, but after looking at a map, realized they had to be in Norway, so I looked them up. Enjoy the incredible photos from "Steinliland" - in most cases I left his titles and notes as he published them and only rarely changed his spelling, as it may be korrect in his land..

My homeland, where my heart belongs

This photo was shot in early June from a mountain in Vestvågøy, called Handbergstinden. It shows the inland of the Island where I was born, Vestvågøy, Lofoten Islands

Welcome to my world

Welcome to my world, originally uploaded by steinliland.

Shot from a mountain in Vestvågøy called " Himmeltinden " in the midle of the night at 29th of June. The photo shows part of the western group of Islands in Lofoten, Flakstad and Moskenes.

One late afternoon in Mars

One late afternoon in Mars, originally uploaded by steinliland.


skarv, originally uploaded by steinliland.

Stormbirds resting on a rock watching the dawn while drying their wet wings