Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dinner Diver

"The food wasn't that bad.."

War Is Hell


Mission San Xavier du Bac

Mission San Xavier du Bac, near Tucson, Arizona

Great Pyramids, Egypt

Paul Bowles in Morocco

author Paul Bowles in Morocco

Forest Silouette

photo by Marcus Bleasdale

Tent City

photo by Marcus Bleasdale


photo by Marcus Bleasdale

Biking Revolutionary

photo by Marcus Bleasdale

Open Pit Mine

photo by Marcus Bleasdale

Night Reflections

photo by Marcus Bleasdale

Ancient Ruins, Middle East

photo by Jan Stanmeyer

Crowded Train

photo by Jan Stanmeyer

Boat People

photo by Jan Stanmeyer

Red Light District

photo by Jan Stanmeyer

Middle East Demonstation

photo by Jan Stanmeyer

Middle East Riot

photo by Jan Stanmeyer

Great Wall of China 2

Car Trip

photo by Gary Knight

Dangerous Crossing

this news crew appears unaware of what's happening behind them

Children Playing

photo by Jonathan Barkat

Cartier-Bresson, Alicante, Spain

photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alicante, Spain

Bird Feeder


photo by Antonin Kratochvil

Log Racers

This must be some sort of ancient sport we don't get in the west!

The Mask Behind the Face

photo by August Sander

Queued Up

photo by Mackhie Mastura

Leaping Dog

"get the ball!"

Running Dog

Satellite View of Grand Canyon

Grand  Canyon from a satellite, kind of kills the scale, doesn't it?

Havasu Falls and Beach, Grand Canyon

Havasu Falls and beach

Grand Canyon Vista 2

Grand Canyon vista, from Deer Creek area

Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon

Havasu Falls, at the western end of Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Vista

Grand Canyon vista

Canyon Jumper

Navajo Falls, Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon from Above

aerial view of Grand Canyon from 30,000 feet


photo by Catherine Pluchart

Swimming Race

photo by Adam Petty, (c) Getty Images